7 Best Football Knee Pads (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Football is one of the most physically exhausting contact sports. In an attempt to score a goal, players inevitably hurt their body, including their knees.

To prevent injuring the knee, they have to wear high-quality knee pads.

We want to help you make an informed decision, thus, we have gathered the 7 Best Football Knee Pads on the market.

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Best Football Knee Pads

Bucwild Sports’ Padded Knee Pad Protector

SKILEEN’s Anti-Slip Honeycomb Knee Pad

Laxuri’s Thick Sponge Adult Knee Pads

Morric’s Compression Wear Protective Knee Pads

McDavid’s Hex Padded Compression Knee Pad

Bucwild Sports’ Pro Padded Compression Knee Pads

Luwint’s Elastic Sponge Knee Pads for Youth

Importance of Knee Pads in Football 

For football players, wearing a high-grade knee pad is a must. The knee, being the largest joint in the body, is the most complicated joint to deal with in case of an injury.

This leads us to the first point of its importance.

Knee pads reduce the risk of injury.

Players give it their all when playing football. It is not surprising that they sometimes injure their knees as they press them against the ground or hit other players.

Damaging your patella (kneecap) and the surrounding ligaments and muscles are no joke. It can even lead to some other complications.

Protecting the knees, then, is crucial. Knee pads are intended for this very purpose so football players have to leverage its power.

Knee pads support your knees.

These pads aren’t just for your knee cap. They come with sleeves that extend to your thighs, calf and the surrounding ligaments and muscles.

Strenuous activities like playing football may make them hyperextend.

Thus, the stretchy sleeve that extends from the knee cap slides over to prevent this from happening. 

Knee pads increase your performance.

Imagine going all out in a football game without any protective gear for your knees? That’s just incomprehensible! You are putting yourself wide open for danger.

Athletes and enthusiasts will hesitate to perform at their full capacity without the right defense.

Knee pads do not only give you protection but also confidence to perform at full-speed in any game. But this is not to say that they can protect your knees 100%.

It is still best to consult your personal trainer or coach before trying out new techniques.

Types of Knee Pads

There are no strict classifications for football knee pads. But there certainly are observable differences in the ones that are available.

Knee pads may have a hard front shell usually backed by padding, while others are of soft, thick pads.

There are also those with an extended stretchy sleeve, but some others have shorter ones.

Likewise, some knee pads have straps that are wrapped around the leg, leaving the back of the knee unprotected.

Choosing the Best Football Knee Pads

Choosing the right knee pad has been more challenging thanks to the different manufacturers producing them.

They now come in various sizes, materials and styles which add to the struggle. It is thus our goal to make it a little easier for you.

Here we’ll talk about choosing the best football knee pads for your needs.

Opt for a knee pad that has the best materials.

Although knee pads come in various materials, buying one with a hard shell (usually made of plastic) is still considered safer for football players.

It provides better protection but can also cause problems with your movements.

This is when pads with soft fabric come into play. Hard knee pads with the right padding and softer fabric are more shock-absorbent and provide more comfort.

Think wisely about the padding or cushioning.

Paddings in knee guards usually fall into 3 categories: foam, gel, and fabric. Foam paddings absorb blows well as they are firm.

However, they do not shift efficiently and may not support you in every fall.

On the other hand, gel paddings can better adjust to your movements as your knee bends.

Fabric paddings have also become common.

They are not as efficient in absorbing shocks but they are softer on your knees and assist well in your movements. 

Most paddings have their weak points that can be compensated with the right combination of materials.

Select the right size for your knees.

Free size knee pads can be great to start with but it’s always better to choose one that perfectly fits your knee size.

If they are too tight or too loose they may not be able to give as much protection. Thus, choose one that corresponds to your knee and leg size.

Pick a style of your choice!

In general, there are shorter and longer knee pads where style difference becomes more noticeable.

The style can also be evident in the type of protection plate, padding and base materials (polyester, spandex etc.).

Choose one that you are most comfortable and happy with.

Do not be stingy on the price of your knee pad!

Needless to say, poor quality knee pads expose you to more danger. Instead of saving, you may end up paying hospital bills. Nobody wants this to happen.

Therefore, opt for knee pads with high-quality polyester, spandex, or lycra fabric. More durable, impact-resistant foams are better than low-quality plastics.

High-quality does not necessarily mean they are more expensive, but you may pay more on them. Still, they give you good payback.

7 Best Football Knee Pads

As you may know by now, knee pads are of utmost importance to football players and enthusiasts.

Still, choosing the best ones are trickier than you may think. We want to help you out and so we present the 7 best knee pads for football. Check them out!

Bucwild Sports’ Padded Knee Pad Protector

Buckwild Sports’ knee pad made quite an impression because of its comfort and protection.

Other pads on the market just have one flat cushion which has groovy cuts to mimic the real cushion pads.

This product’s cushion pads, however, are individually inserted to conform to your knees better.

Since football players sweat a lot, this knee pad offers an advanced sweat-wicking material and a non-slip silicone band.

So, no matter how much sweat you get from moving around, you’ll feel comfortable and can ensure that the pad is kept in place.

This knee pad enables greater motion and flexibility with its flat-seam stitching. It also fits your knees perfectly as it is optimized for the right compression fit.

You can choose among medium, large, and extra-large sizes that come in black, blue, or red color.


  • Conforms to your knees because of its individually inserted cushion pads
  • Has advanced sweat-wicking ability
  • Does not slip as you move or sweat
  • Allows greater motion and flexibility
  • Comes in 3 different sizes and colors


  • Available sizes may not fit some players
  • Some delivered products’ colors were not as requested

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SKILEEN’s Anti-Slip Honeycomb Knee Pad

If you are looking for a knee pad that does not only work great but also look good, this might be the one for you.

This knee pad is made of durable materials and has a honeycomb pad design.

These protect your knees from impact while giving you an excellent knee contour design.

The product is lightweight and is made of highly-elastic breathable fabric.

This feature discourages a sense of restraint as you run around the football ground while giving you a warm breathable feeling.

The knee pad also has a non-slip silicone strip hidden at the top and bottom. This prevents the pad from slipping down as you get sweaty while moving.

Best of all, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime breakage warranty.


  • Has honeycomb compression pad design consistent with your knees’ contour
  • Fabric allows good breathability
  • Effectively protect the knees from getting hurt
  • Does not slip down when moving or excessively sweating
  • Has a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime breakage warranty
  • Comes in 3 different sizes


  • Product is quite new
  • Only has one color option: black

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Laxuri’s Thick Sponge Adult Knee Pads

Collision with other football players will not hurt your knees with Laxuri’s thick sponge knee pads.

Its thicker, high-density sponge provides high impact resistance. It also reduces stiffness in muscles and joints and provides better blood circulation.

The materials used for this product includes a highly elastic latex silk. This allows free movement and gives you a breathable feeling even when sweating.

This is designed for contact and extreme sports and is thus perfect for playing football. It is also free-size but should not be chorine-bleached.


  • Has thick sponge pad that gives full protection while kneeling
  • Light, breathable and highly elastic
  • Impact-resistant and promotes blood circulation
  • Stylish and durable


  • Can be tight or loose for others (free size)
  • Not appropriate for kids
  • Can only be washed with water below 30-degrees Celsius

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Morric’s Compression Wear Protective Knee Pads

These knee pads are made of mixed polyamide and spandex fiber giving you freer movement.

With this feature, you also don’t need to worry about rapid perspiration as the fabrics have good breathability.

Embedded in it is a non-slip silicone strip that prevents loose leg sleeve. Its high-density fiber prevents muscle strain and reinforces freer movement.

Thus, your knees are protected from injury, laceration or abrasion during your game.

This knee pad can be used for many different sports aside from football. It is also great to have a product that has a hassle-free warranty. Y

ou can simply replace it or ask for a refund when not satisfied with the product.


  • Smooth, breathable and highly elastic
  • Prevents loose leg sleeve when moving
  • Made of high-density fiber to reinforce movement and prevent strain
  • Can be used for football and other close-contact games
  • Backed with a ‘No question asked’ warranty for one year


  • May not fit others (large size only)

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McDavid’s Hex Padded Compression Knee Pad

One of the most favored knee pads on the market is offered by McDavid. It has a 9mm leg sleeve which is trendy among football players and enthusiasts.

The extended length also provides better protection against scratches and cuts.

If you’re worried that wearing this is going to be too hot, you shouldn’t.

The knee pad’s moisture management technology wicks moisture away, keeping your skin cool and dry. As a knee pad, it also helps reduce injury and support performance.

Washing it clean is also not demanding as you can machine wash/dry this product.

The product comes in many sizes for adults and a size for the younger ones.

There is also a meter to check how accurate the sizes are. So far, 81% of the customers reported the sizing to be ‘as expected’.


  • Extended sleeve length gives added protection against scratches and cuts
  • Wicks moisture away so skin remains cool and dry
  • Reduces chances of injury
  • Washable and dryable in machine
  • Comes in many different adult sizes and youth size


  • Fabric quality may not be that durable

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Bucwild Sports’ Pro Padded Compression Knee Pads

Just like the first one by Bucwild Sports, this knee pad is among the best ones on the market.

This time, the product is of polyester/spandex material which provides a great flexibility.

The cushion pads are still individually inserted to better conform to your knee.

The product brags of its sweat-wicking compression that keeps sweat away from the skin. Its discrete silicon band comfortably grips your skin.

There is also no need to guess on your size as the product is optimized for the right compression fit.

Worried about skin irritation because of playing? Worry not. Bucwild Sports’ knee pads use flat seamless stitching that does not leave any skin chafing.

The product offers various teen and adult sizes in your preferred colors (black, navy blue, royal blue, and red).


  • Made of polyester/spandex elastic fiber
  • Pads are highly flexible and conform well to your knees
  • Dries up quickly because of its dual-layer wicking
  • Has inner anti-slip silicone strip
  • Allows mobility without skin irritation


  • Product may not be as wear-resistant as advertised

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Luwint’s Elastic Sponge Knee Pads for Youth

Want to gift your child something useful for his/her football sport? Try this elastic sponge knee pads by Luwint.

The knee pad is specially designed for kids and teenagers who are inclined to outdoor sports like football.

The materials used for this product are lightweight and provides comfortability and breathability to your knees.

So even when kids are in their most active conditions, the knees are kept warm and comfortable while being protected.

It is highly elastic and is easy to wear. You also don’t need to worry about retaining its shape after multiple washes.


  • Has an elastic, high-density sponge
  • Ergonomic design allows freer movement
  • Impact-resistant and promotes blood circulation
  • Has multiple-purposes and is ideal for outdoor activities
  • No-question, no-risk money back guarantee


  • Not designed for adult use
  • No size options

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Final thoughts

The importance of wearing knee pads for contact sports like football is undeniable. Without one, you run the risk of injury in such physical activities.

Remember to have one that has durable materials and comfortable cushioning. Also, do not leave the right size, style and price out of consideration. 

Knee pads are now more accessible as they flood the market.

Still, we do hope that our list of 7 Best Football Knee Pads is of great help. Be a smart buyer and practice safety in your football games!