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Learn how to be a good Football Punter/Kicker in 10 simple steps

The football team’s kicker is frequently overlooked as an important component. Having a good football kicker is necessary for the team to have a strong defense. Here are some tips on how to be a good

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Learn How to Punt a Football in 4 easy steps

It is usually overlooked in football, but punting actually plays an important role in the sport.A football punter can significantly alter a team’s field position into their advantage.In this article,

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4 Defensive Tackle Drills That Will Improve Your Strength

The Defensive Tackle will either initiate collision or drive against one or sometimes even two offenders at one time.Both roles require strength which can be improved through drills.There are numerous

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DIY: How to clean a football helmet in 4 easy steps

Football players tend to sweat a lot during practice and in the actual game. Aside from the sweat, dust and dirt also accumulate, thus making them a breeding ground for bacteria.In this article, we will

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Football Defensive Line Drills you should practice

Apparently, defensive lines have secured some of the most dominant defenses in NFL history. However, in order to thrive, defensive linesmen need to dedicate a lot of time and effort during practice in

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Everything You Need To Know About American Football Equipment

American football is one of the most glorious and beautiful sports to ever exist throughout all of human history.Hopefully, this goes without saying. If you are looking to learn a little bit about the

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Best Training Drills for Quarterbacks

Being a quarterback is perhaps the most difficult position in American football since you need to command your entire offense and make split-second decisions which can decide the outcome of the game.As

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