Cutters Rev Pro Football Gloves Review

Cutters is a renowned brand in manufacturing football gloves with their exclusive C-TACK™ Performance Grip Material. The C-TACK™ fuses performance, fit, and durability that promote a self-restoring grip and perform in all weather conditions.

Let’s learn more about Cutters’ product in this Cutters Rev Pro Football Gloves review.

Key Features

  • Materials: Synthetic and Mesh
  • Dimensions: 11 x 1 x 5 inches ;  4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces

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What We Like

The C-TACK™ Performance Grip Material

Cutters is known to be the pioneer in performance grip. This made the company be the top selling brand of football gloves, and this is mostly because of C-TACK™.

This is their state-of-the-art technology that holds their trade secret in perfecting grips on receiver gloves.

If you’re a football receiver who seems to always fumble the football, these gloves, made with their performance grip material, can help you hold your ball better.

Self-Restoring Grip

Aside from C-TACK™, Cutters also introduce the RevTack Recharge, a fancy name for their self-restoring grip technology.

The Rev Pro football gloves do not only give a strong grip, but it also provides a long-lasting grip. 

Just wipe the gloves with a damp cloth and moisture to clean the dirt, and the grip will be restored like your gloves are brand new.

Can Be Used On All Weather Conditions

Cutters’ Rev Pro football gloves surely hold something valuable because with their unique material, you can play football whenever you want.

You don’t have to worry if it’s sunny or rainy outside because these gloves are made to be used for just about any weather.

Play where you want and when you want with high-technology manufactured gloves.

Machine Washable

You played football all week, and now your gloves are dirty, so you decided to wash them.

But now, you’re worried that you might ruin the design and the details by washing it through a washing machine.

With Rev Pro football gloves, you don’t have to worry about washing with a machine.

That’s because these gloves are made to be machine washed for a less-hassle cleaning experience.


Football is an intense game, so any blunt force might cause a tear on the gloves you’re using.

Make an exception for these gloves, because they are created with sturdy leather that does not tear easily after much usage.

Too much is not in Cutters’ dictionary because they only produce gloves that you can use for a long time. These gloves are definitely heavy-duty.

Flexible to the Hands

Wearing gloves might be a little too uncomfortable for many because of some factors like the size and the weight of them, but these gloves have little to no weight.

They fit perfectly on fingers without giving a feeling of looseness or tightness to the user.

Using these gloves can make you feel like they are part of your hands because they are lightweight, they give extra support, and they have a nice and warm feel.

Availability of Chart Sizes

A football receiver should have a pair of gloves that fits in order to maximize his game potential.

Cutters provides customers with a high-tech designed sizing chart to help them pick the right size of gloves for their hands, especially for those with unusual sizes that make it difficult for them to purchase the exact gloves they need.

Now, the perfect gloves with the perfect fit are just one chart away.

Color Dynamics

From white to black to orange to blue to gold, these Rev Pro gloves come in various colors. This may be a simple detail, but the availability of these gloves in a wide range of colors is one of their most attractive features.

Stylish Designs

If you want to play football while expressing your style, Cutters can give you the best gloves that can help you achieve just that.

These gloves are made to be shown off.  With their metallic fabric on the back, everyone’s attention will surely be focused on your gloves.

NOCSAE Certified

Cutters’ entire football glove line is labeled with the NOCSAE certification logo as it follows the rules of the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

This means that Cutters met the required standards for the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

With this, you can be sure that these gloves are safe to use and will protect your hands at all costs. After all, certifications prove quality and safety.

What We Don’t Like

Cutters’ Rev Pro football gloves can make your palms sweaty. Online feedbacks from customers who purchased them also mention this issue.

This could be the effect of its leather material which could create moisture build up inside, especially for people with naturally sweaty palms.

The gloves can only be shipped within the United States, but international shipping is not available.

The shipping cost is expensive.

Who Should Get These Gloves?

If you are a novice or a pro football receiver who struggles to grope the football tightly, then this one’s for you.

These gloves are also compatible for meticulous football receivers who value durability, flexibility, and fit for their football receiver gloves.

These gloves can also be a great tool for training.

That’s because continuous usage will not be a problem since the high technology used in making these prioritized their durability, so you could expect a tear-less experience with these gloves.

Who Should Avoid These Gloves?

What we don’t like is that it can make the palms sweaty. So if you have naturally sweaty palms, you might want to think twice before buying these gloves.

Also, the gloves are made for intensive professional football matches.

So if you’re still training or if you’re looking for something a little less overwhelming and a lot cheaper, you might find it wiser to find other gloves that fit your skills as well as your budget.

Buying Tips

Football gloves are essential for enhancing your performance on the field. Apart from your skill, football gloves can make or break you, so it is important to choose the right kind for your hands and for your purpose.

Depending on your needs on the field, your gloves should provide you with more protection or more grip.

You should also consider some other variables like flexibility, durability, weight, and fit.

When choosing the right kind of receiver gloves, you should first keep in mind that what you need as a football receiver is to control and hold onto the ball with all your might while still maintaining agility even through traffic.

The primary features you need to look out for before purchasing receiver gloves are enhanced palm grip, light padding for protection and flexibility, lightweight, and exact fit.

Of course, football gloves manufacturers always go out of their ways in search for more features that they can provide for their consumers.

These added features are combined with the primary ones to upgrade protection, improve comfort, and boost performance for football receivers.


One of the added features include making football gloves with high-quality materials.

High quality gloves should be compatible with all weather conditions so that nothing can stop you from practicing or training for your upcoming match.

These types of gloves should be able to withstand season after season as a result of high-quality synthetic materials with secured seamed construction.

High-end brands have formulated their own technology in providing this benefit. You just have to do your research well.


Another feature to consider is added ventilation. A lot of users develop sweaty palms when using football gloves.

This could be a result of unbreathable fabrics used in some football gloves that may ruin your performance.

Look for gloves with mesh between each finger and ventilated backhands to keep your hands cool, dry, and comfortable by improving air flow, dumping hot air, and preventing sweaty palms.


They say that when you look good, you play good. Taking this into account, it is important to not compromise style when you pick football gloves.

Always look for the style that looks good on you while still keeping you comfortable.

Football gloves manufacturers now put style alongside comfort and fit as their priority when creating designs.

Neutral colors are all good but can sometimes be boring, so don’t be afraid to wear those orange, blue, green, or gold colored gloves while you’re on the field.


The Rev Pro football gloves from Cutters have their disadvantages, but their benefits outweigh all the cons.

With every customer feedback on every feedback section online, you will know how these gloves can enhance your performance and can keep your head in the game with their natural feel on the hands.

With this Cutters Rev Pro Football Gloves review, one can conclude that these gloves’ C-TACK™ technology and other features would push you into choosing this pair of gloves because this trade secret of enhancing ball grip will give you a sure way to win your game.

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