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Football chin straps – Top 7 reviewed

As a football player, quality protection should be your key concern. You need to stay protected to maintain your usefulness in the field.

When it comes to football, the game is always about getting frequent falls and kicks. This is where football chin straps come in. In this article, let’s talk about the 7 best football chin straps to use.

Why Do You Need a Chin Strap?

Football is a physical activity. That’s why it only makes sense to expect to have body aches or injuries after playing this sport.

However, you don’t always have to suffer from physical injuries. You can wear protective gear to protect your body from injuries.

There are many different types of protective equipment that a football player must wear every football game.

One of the most important protective gear to wear is a chin strap.

Although the device may seem unimportant to many, it is actually a machine that provides protection for a player in a football game.

A chin strap is a padded strap connecting to the helmet. Its main function is to protect your jaw and to minimize the risk of jaw damage.

With this in mind, it’s important for you to rethink the importance of a chin strip before going in the field.

Why do you need a chin strap? The answer is obvious. You need a football chin strap to protect your chin and your entire face, even, from any type of injury.

As said, football is a strenuous activity, so you need to have all the necessary protection that you need.

Features of A Good Chin Strap

Do you just go to the shop and pick up any chin strap on display? If you are that kind of a buyer, it’s high time for you to refrain from doing such decisions.

Purchasing a football chin strap shouldn’t simply be like picking just about anything that you see.

With a variety of chin straps from different manufacturers on the market, you need to be keen on what you buy.

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You need quality protection, and this calls for a quality product. You definitely want the best, so you should know what is the best.

While shopping for a chin strap, you need to put some features into consideration, including the quality, size, and comfort. These features are further elaborated below.


The quality of the chin strap is a must to consider. You do not need something that wears out immediately.

Surely, you don’t want to keep running to the shop to buy a new one every now and then. Go for something that is durable and will give you the protection that you need.


Chin straps come in different sizes. There are sizes for youths and adults. The desirable size of a chin strap is a vital factor to consider.

A fitting chin strap that will hold into place for a long time while giving you the comfort that you need is what you should go for.


Do not undervalue your comfort while you’re on the game. You need a chin strap that gives you a good feeling when strapped on. Avoid chin straps that cause irritation to your skin. Always go for gel and soft-padded chin straps.

7 Best Football Chin Straps to Choose

With many different football chin straps sold on the market today, it can be a challenge to find the best one for you and your needs.

To help you cut down your long list of choices, we’ve picked some of the best football chin straps that you might want to choose. Read on and make your choice.

1. Shock Doctor Carbon Chin Strap

Shock Doctor Carbon Chin Strap is designed with strength. Its previous version has been modified to give the product improved looks.

It is a 4-point high/low strap and has the ability to withstand any form of impact. The high strength straps ensure that the chin strap is highly supported and does not move from its position.

The outstanding feature of this kind of chin strap is the microbial X-Static liner that can be removed and washed.

In addition, the liner has the ability to eliminate odor-causing bacteria in a very short time.

It can also attach to a variety of helmets and comes in different colors. Hence, one is able to choose a color that matches the helmet.

Shock Doctor Carbon Chin Strap is a must-have for any football player who spends long hours in the field.

Its ability to keep off odor gives it a unique characteristic, making it stand out on the market.


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    The 4-point high/low chin strap is able to withstand strong impacts.
  • check
    Shock Doctor Carbon Chin Strap has an anti-microbial X-static liner.
  • check
    The whole chin strap is washable. Hence, it is easy to clean and maintain.
  • check
    The chin strap is available in a variety of colors.
  • check
    Shock Doctor Carbon Chin Strap has quality straps.


  • The chin strap may not fit some adult helmets since it is a chin strap for younger users.

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2. Under Armour Men’s Armour Fuse Chin Strap

In the second position is the Under Armour Men’s Armour Fuse Chin Strap. This chin strap is featured with long nylon straps.

The long straps make it attachable to helmets of different sizes. The nylon material straps are also durable and strong enough to offer maximum protection.

Under Armour Men’s Armour Fuse Chin Strap have the armor fuse TPU over mold that has the ability to absorb all sorts of impact levels from low to high.

This ensures that your chin remains perfectly protected.

This chin strap has a removable inner foam pad that is washable. The gel in the foam pad gives it a more comforting feature, making it a number one choice for many players.

The chin strap is available in a variety of colors as well. This is a must-have protection gear for any player who wants to remain in the game for a longer time.

For any player who wants maximum protection from all sorts of impacts, whether high or low, Under Armour Men’s Armour Fuse Chin Strap could be the best choice.

Get the comfort and the maximum protection with this type of chin strap.


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    Under Armour Men’s Armour Fuse Chin Strap has long straps that are adjustable and can fit into all sizes of helmets.
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    The nylon straps are durable and strong to give you comfort and maximum protection.
  • check
    The inner foam is removable, making the whole chin strap easy to wash.
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    Under Armour Men’s Armour Fuse Chin Strap is available in a variety of colors.


  • The straps can be too tight at times, making the user uncomfortable.

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3. Adams USA Gel-25-4D Football Chin Strap

Adams USA Gel-25-4D Football Chin Strap could also be a good choice for you. This is an all-gel chin-protecting device that has HH-11 high impact buckles made of plastic.

The buckles offer this chin strap the ability to remain in place throughout the game.

The outer part of the Adams USA Gel-25-4D Football Chin Strap is made up of polycarbonate that gives the chin strap its durability.

The polycarbonate cup has a high impact capacity that offers protection from even huge impacts.

Adams USA Gel-25-4D Football Chin Strap do not require a chin sleeve since its cup is covered with a gel, making it more stable and comfortable for the users.

The adjustable straps make the straps possible to be used in a variety of helmets of varied sizes.

Moreover, this chin strap does not require sleeves to be used.

If you want to feel protected from huge impacts, choose Adams USA Gel-25-4D Football Chin Strap. You will love the comfort it offers.


  • check
    Adams USA Gel-25-4D Football Chin Strap has adjustable straps.
  • check
    The chin strap is strong, giving you the desired protection from huge impacts.
  • check
    High strength polycarbonate on the outside of the chin strap makes it more durable.
  • check
    The buckles fitted on Adams USA Gel-25-4D Football Chin Strap enable it to stay in place even during intense games.


  • If not adjusted properly, the straps may get too tight and uncomfortable to wear since the straps are elastic.

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4. Riddell Hard Chin Strap

The fourth product on the list is the Riddell Hard Chin Strap. This is considered a fan favorite chin strap by many players since it is super comfortable.

The cup of this chin strap has a vinyl cushion lining which gives users the necessary comfort they need. The lining also keeps the chin strap in position for a longer period of time.

Just like many other chin straps on this list, Riddell Hard Chin Strap has long straps, so it can be used in many helmets, including helmets for youth and adults.

The straps are also strong enough to keep the chin strap in position.

Riddell Hard Chin Strap cup is not very deep, and it has no removable cushion, so you need to wash the whole chin strap.

Riddell Hard Chin Strap comes in only one color, but you can choose from a variety of sizes.

For any player who needs fun and comfort, Riddell Hard Chin Strap is all that you need.

Have fun in the field with this chin strap. It can give you utmost comfortability. Plus, it can give you the protection that you need.


  • check
    Riddell Hard Chin Strap comes in many sizes.
  • check
    The chin strap is easy to clean
  • check
    It is comfortable to wear.
  • check
    Riddell Hard Chin Strap is long, so it goes along with helmets of different sizes.


  • Riddell Hard Chin Strap cup is shallow.
  • The chin strap does not have a removable cushion. Hence, you have to wash it as a whole.

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5. Schutt Sports SC-4 Hard Cup Chin Strap

Schutt Sports SC-4 Hard Cup Chin Strap is specially made for varsity helmets.

It is considered as one of the best chin straps in the market since it offers a snug fit, enabling it to hold in place even during very intense games.

The chin strap is made of durable materials, so it can save you from the hassle of frequent replacements and repairs.

This chin strap is user-friendly since its straps can fit on multiple helmets.

The outer part of Schutt Sports SC-4 Hard Cup Chin Strap has a high impact ABS material for maximum protection.

The inside has the EVA foam cushion with the ability to absorb energy from any impact, securing your chin and head.

This chin strap is light, so it can provide you with the comfort that you need throughout the game.

Hence, this chin strap is a desirable protective device for any player in the field.


  • check
  • check
    The chin strap gives a snug fit, ensuring that it holds in place even during intense games.
  • check
    fits comfortably on the chin, and the straps are easy to adjust.
  • check
    Exterior has a high impact ABS material, giving you the necessary protection.
  • check
    The cup of the chin is deep, helping the strap stay in place.


  • The deep cup may cause some chaffing.

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6. Xenith Universal Cinch Chin Strap Set

The first thing that captures your attention once you hold this strap is its protective shell.

The shell is made of high impact ABS materials that are durable, protective, and sturdy. 

Because of these materials, Xenith Universal Cinch Chin Strap is one of the most durable chin straps we have on this list.

The inside of Xenith Universal Cinch Chin Strap is lined up with a soft slip-resistant neoprene material that keeps the chin strap in the right place.

To keep the user cool and dry throughout the game, Xenith Universal Cinch Chin Strap has a vented shell and a vented liner. This also gives the chin strap adequate breathability.

If you’re looking for a football chin strap that gives comfort, protection, and adequate breathability, Xenith Universal Cinch Chin Strap is the way to go.


  • check
    Fits on many different helmets
  • check
    Offers adequate breathability
  • check
    Has a soft slip-resistance liner that keeps the chin strap in place
  • check
    Has a protective shell that is made of high impact ABS material that makes the chin strap durable, sturdy, and protective.


  • Not very elastic

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7. Adams USA PRO-100 4D Football Chin Strap

Last but not least, we have Adams USA PRO-100 4D4 High Chin Strap on the list. This chin strap is a 4-point high chin strap. Hence, it is not suitable for low chin strap attachment helmets.

Just like all other Adams football chin straps, this one has patented HH-11 high impact buckles.

The plastic buckles are modified to hold the chin strap in position while playing.

The strap chin is made of polycarbonate that ensures the durability of the chin strap as well as its ability to withstand high impact pace.

This chin strap’s cup is vinyl coated, keeping you out of the need of using any chin sleeves.

The cup also makes the chin strap as a whole more comfortable and durable.

These straps are adjustable, meaning it can be attached to helmets of different sizes, so sharing the chin strap is not a problem.

The chin strap is also very easy to clean.

The only drawback of this chin strap is that the cup is not very deep, but the straps always hold it firmly in place.


  • check
    Easy to clean.
  • check
    Made of polycarbonate to offer protection and durability
  • check
    Adjustable straps
  • check
    The HH-11 high impact buckles help hold the chin strap in position


  • Not adjustable to helmets with low chin straps attachments
  • The chin strap's cub is not desirably deep enough.

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Football is an intense game that requires maximum protection. To secure maximum protection, it’s important for you to wear all the necessary protective gear when playing football, including a chin strap.

A lot of people neglect the importance of football chin straps, but they actually provide significant protection to your chin, face, and head as you play every game.

However, not all chin straps can provide the same level of protection to users.

Therefore, it’s a must for you to take all important matters into account when choosing a chin strap to use.

If you’re looking for a chin strap, make sure that the one you use provides quality and comfortability like these 7 best football chin straps do.