7 Best Football Gloves in the Sports World: How to Choose What’s Best for You

Football has been one of the most enjoyed and played sports known in the world today.

Like any other sports, football, too, requires special equipment and tools to help enhance game play and help the players as well.

In this article, you will learn about the 7 best football gloves to date and how to choose them properly.

Why Do You Need Football Gloves?        

To start off, football gloves have been introduced in the sports world in 1939. Since then, it has come a long way and has improved drastically.

However, despite the changes from the first prototype up until today’s models, it still serves its purpose: to catch the ball more efficiently and protect the player’s hand.

Without these football gloves, athletes would suffer from various unfortunate consequences that can be unimaginable.

Thanks to technological advancement and its popularity, all football athletes can protect their hands with football gloves.

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Best Football Gloves

1. Cutters Revolution Football Gloves

2. Franklin Youth Receiver Gloves

3. Cutters Football Gloves for Linemen

4. Under Armour Football Gloves

5. Battle Ultra Youth Football Gloves

Nike Vapour Receiver Football Gloves

Under Armour F5 Football Glove

Benefits of Football Gloves

Like a lot of sports equipment, no matter how pricey or cheap it is, a football glove does provide benefits to athletes.

These benefits can be used in practices or during the big game day. Here are some of the most outstanding benefits when using football gloves:

It provides adhesive-like surfaces for a better catch.

The surfaces on the gloves or the palm area of your gloves are equipped with sticky surfaces that help the ball sort of adhere to its surface.

This feature does not make your ball stick like glue, but it helps you catch the ball better since the ball will naturally adhere to them due to added chemicals or special built-in features.

Also, this makes one hand catches possible that makes everyone go in awe.

It makes your hands weatherproof.

No matter what kind of weather is out on your game day, you know your football match won’t be stopped for this.

Having wet hands during rainy or snowy weather causes you to catch your ball poorly.

With football gloves, the sticky surface helps provide traction between your hands and the ball. This makes ball catching better no matter what type of weather is upon you.

It keeps your hands healthy.

There is no denying that professional athletes or even student athletes rely on their sports ability to earn a living or support their schooling.

With football gloves, you help protect your hands from possible injuries that may cause you to be off the team or retire early.

Since no football players want that, it is best to invest in football gloves to make sure your “golden” hands make it further more in your career.

It is not all about ball catching.

Football gloves are not just for catching ball in the field. They are beneficial to all players who are involved in sports that require a lot hand actions.

They, too, need protection for their hands and finger, especially when a game gets more intense.

Choosing the Best Football Gloves

In choosing the right and best football gloves for you, you must remember that it should fit you like magic and does good rather than harm.

Now, before you could go off into a shopping spree, choosing the best football gloves for you requires you to know what position you are playing in.

It all starts from understanding your position, what your position needs the most, and how your gloves can help you with that.

Best Overall Football Gloves

If you are still starting out and waiting until your coach tells you what position you will be in, you can still practice and play with football gloves.

The best overall gloves would be gloves that are flexible, prevent from any slippage due to sweat or wet weather, have tackiness in the surface, and most importantly, protect your hands and fingers from any damage you might get in the field.

Best Football Gloves for Wide Receivers

If you happen to be the wide receiver of your team, long term athletes in the business recommend good quality snug football gloves that almost feel like a second skin when you wear it.

The stickiness of the surface must be good too in order to avoid slippage during the game. The fabric or material used is the best if it allows flexibility to keep your fingers moving.

Best Football Gloves for Running Backs

For running backs, it is best to choose gloves that adhere to the ball nicely and fit your hands snuggly without suffocating it.

It is essential to make sure that your gloves are thick enough to protect your hands from impact but not too thick that can cause sweating.

For wide receivers, most NFL players suggest to wear gloves without padding, gloves that are tight, and gloves that are sticky.

Best Football Gloves for Quarterbacks

Although admittedly, quarterbacks or QBs don’t wear gloves too often compared to the aforementioned positions above, wearing a pair can sure have its benefits too.

According to NFL athletes, a sticky pair can help you better grip the ball.

Also, it is best to make sure that your gloves are padded but not too thick which helps take off pressure as you catch the ball.

However, for quarterback gloves, choose the ones that offer protection more than the surface’s stickiness because it avoids the ball from sticking to the glove as you throw or release the ball.

Key Features to Look for Before Buying Your Next Pair

All football gloves share the same features but may vary according to their use. In this section, you will learn about what those key features are and how you can use them in your advantage to win your first or next game.


Ventilation in a pair of football gloves is essential because it encourages airflow. With added airflow, a pair of gloves can keep your hands dry and cool during the course of the game.


Padding in your football gloves can mean more protection for your hands.

With added padding, it can ease and reduce the impact or pressure you receive when catching the ball.

Glove Material

The most trusted materials when it comes to football gloves are either latex or cabatta.

The latter is treated with various chemicals that help it become tacky to provide a better grip.

On the other hand, latex provides flexibility and tackiness. However, it can be less durable and may slip during wet weathers.

Aggressive Style

Nowadays, style can be very important, too. A good pair of gloves plus its benefits will help you boost your confidence during the entire game.

Also, gloves with unique bright colors and pattern can help your teammates distinguish you from afar as the game is rolling.

This makes recognition so much easier.

Top 7 Reviews

Now that you are finally equipped with the right information, it is time to know the 7 best football gloves in the market today.

In this list, it will help you choose what suits you best. All important details are included in this review, including the pros and cons for a better comparison.

Cutters Revolution Football Gloves

If you’re looking for football gloves that you can use professionally or recreationally, this top product on our list is what you’re looking for.

What makes this brand outstanding form the rest?

It is designed with C-TACK Technology that helps you grip better on the ball. The product is also lightweight.

The Cutter Revolution Football gloves are washable and machine wash safe as well.

It guarantees to be long lasting and provides protection for your hand and the right amount of flexibility you want.


  • The gloves are extremely comfortable.
  • The tackiness on the surface of the glove is excellent for grips and catching balls.
  • This can be a great pair of gloves for wide receiver players.
  • The product is affordable and durable.
  • The product lasts longer compared to other known competition brands.


  • Sizing can be difficult for this brand; either you have to go a size smaller or larger and it depends on your fit.
  • The glove’s tackiness might wear off during harsh wet weathers.

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Franklin Youth Receiver Gloves

If you happen to be starting in football in your local high school sports team, this glove can be the best choice for you.

The materials used on this product are not cabetta leather or latex as mentioned above but are rather synthetic rubber with a mix of elastic and jersey fabric.

The elastics are for the wrists to secure a hood and snug fit; while the jersey cloth is added on the backhand of the gloves to ensure durability.

The product is brightly colored to improve field visuals. The palms of the glove have embossed rubber for a better grip.


  • The product is highly affordable for its quality.
  • This can be a great starter gloves for anyone.
  • The embossed rubber provides a good grip.
  • The added elastic on the gloves secure a snug fit without it getting lose throughout the game.


  • If you are a professional athlete or a competing athlete, this product is not for you.
  • The product tends to absorb sweat due to the materials used.
  • There is little to no ventilation for the gloves.

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Cutters Football Gloves for Linemen

Another top product is from the brand Cutters which has brought us the top product on this list.

Undeniably, it is again part of this great selection of gloves since it provides the right amount of tackiness, durability, and flexibility for all linemen out there.

It has the C-TACK Technology that provides a good grip in all types of weather.

This product has added padding to the back of the hand for a flexible and added protection.

The wrist area of the gloves has double wrist straps for added wrist protection and the gloves have capable of ventilation.


  • The product is machine wash safe which is easy cleaning.
  • The gloves perform well in all sorts of weather conditions.
  • The product is built and intended for linemen which prevents usual cuts and bruises.
  • Cushioned finger areas add protection and comfort to any linemen.
  • This pair of gloves is suitable for athletes and players with bigger hands due to their extensive sizes.


  • Sizing can be difficult depending on your hand’s shape.
  • The seams of the gloves located at the thumb area can split easily.
  • The product is a little bit pricey.

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Under Armour Football Gloves

Under Armour is a well-known brand when it comes to sports equipment. This product is great for starters in the sport.

It is made up of 44% Nylon, 27% Polyester, 22% Polyvinyl Chloride, and 7% Spandex which makes it durable and flexible.

The product features its exclusive GrabTack for an added grip on the palms.

The Under Armour Football Gloves are a one-piece seamless gloves that are great for recreation and professional use.


  • The product is highly sticky and great for grips.
  • It has an excellent fit for any hand shape and size.
  • The football gloves are lightweight and provide adequate ventilation.
  • The unique color of the gloves helps improve field visuals.
  • The product can be used among all adults and youths alike.


  • The materials used on the glove may cause it to wear off easily.
  • The stickiness of the grips is not as long lasting.
  • Other resellers might sell the product more expensively and quality does not match the price point.

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Battle Ultra Youth Football Gloves

Another great product among the best gloves in the market today has some interesting bright colors that help teammates get a better visual.

It is for youths who are currently or will be joining their local football team. It has its Perfectfit Technology that ensures a snug fit and breathability.

In addition, it has an Ultra-Stick feature that gives tackiness to the gloves and is made exclusively for this product. The brand also promises a 90-day durability.


  • The tackiness of the gloves will not disappoint your youngsters.
  • The product can be a size larger if you want a room for growth and the fit can still be snug.
  • You can choose from a wide array of colors.
  • It provides good protection during play.
  • The product is fairly affordable for a starting glove.


  • The Velcro straps on the product wear off easily.
  • The durability of the product does not last as long after a few games or practices.
  • Depending on the shape of your hand, sizing can be a bit difficult despite guides from sizing chart.

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Nike Vapour Receiver Football Gloves

Another household name in the sports world would be Nike. With this product, it is mostly made up of silicon which guarantees a flexible football glove.

It also has an added mesh to the back side of the gloves to ensure that athletes will have a breathable pair of gloves during game play.

The closure at the wrist of the gloves can be adjusted to make it snug.


  • The product is lightweight and breathable.
  • Tackiness is guaranteed with the product.
  • Due to the adjustable wrist closures, it creates a perfect and snug fit every time.
  • The wide array of sizes can fit youths to adults.
  • There are a lot of colors to choose from which is great for visual advantages.


  • The product is too expensive especially for starters.
  • The product does not last as long as others on the list.
  • The palm area of the gloves may easily wear off after several extensive games.

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Under Armour F5 Football Glove

The last product on our list would be from Under Armour.

The materials used are synthetic and it has an exclusive HeatGear which allows ventilation, keeping hands dry and cool.

The closure systems at the wrist area of the gloves ensure a snug and secure fit.

The item weighs approximately 12.8 ounces. Like other Under Armour products on the list, it is equipped with GrabTack that makes the gloves sticky and provide better grip action.


  • If you have the F4 versions, this Under Armour F5 is the best upgrade for you.
  • The adjustable closures by the wrist provide a secure fit.
  • The product is fairly affordable.
  • Depending on the shape and size of your hands, it can fit youth sizes too.
  • It is comfortable and the tackiness is adequate.


  • The gloves do not last as long as it claims.
  • Sizing can be a bit difficult for people with irregularly shaped hands.
  • The gloves usually reap within the seams of the fingers.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are a professional athlete or just a regular fan of football, football gloves are surely beneficial for you.

Since they help you provide protection for your hands, you should always keep in my mind the recommended 7 best football gloves in the market to help you choose which among the best suits your needs the most.