Knee compression sleeve [Top 9 Reviewed]

Choosing knee compression sleeves may sound like an easy task to do, but it isn’t. For an athlete to protect his knees and secure them from getting injured, he needs to look for the best knee compression sleeves there are.

In this article, we’ve compiled 9 best knee compression sleeves to help athletes find the best knee sleeves for them.

Knee Sleeves Vs Knee Braces

Knee sleeves are like knee braces that every athlete should wear to protect their knees. They both exist to keep your knees safe but their function is way different.

Knee braces are used to protect the injured knees to prevent further damage, while knee sleeves are designed to support your knees for possible injuries while playing sports.

In this article, we will help you decide to choose the best knee compression sleeves by discussing what they are, what they do, and why you should wear them.

Importance of Knee Compression Sleeves

Knee injuries are the most common damages that can happen to most athletes. For this reason, athletes should wear knee compression sleeves to prevent them from future endangerment.

This piece of gear is made of cloth and neoprene that is definitely comfortable to wear and will not restrict you to move freely on the game.

Because of the compression it gives, the sleeves induce warmth during activity. It also reduces inflammation, pain, and swelling after playing a certain sport.

This compression will make you feel less discomfort and less stiffness, which is a clear benefit especially if you are prone to fatigue, arthritis, or any type of condition that you have on your knees.

This garment stimulates proprioceptive effects in skin, fascia, joints, and muscle that can increase the activation and power of your nerves.

It provides brain awareness of your knee position which is good because a wrong single move can break your knee.

When you start to feel exhausted, the awareness it provides help you prevent wrong movements that are the most common reasons for injuries.

However, knee sleeves are better to use if they are long and are embodied with good materials. Longer slaves can protect your whole knees as they can stay in one place while good materials provide nice padding that is perfect for lunges and split jumps.

When to use Knee Compression Sleeves

It is not necessary to wear knee sleeves in all types of sports. If the sport does not require movements such as running, jumping, squats, and lifting, then you can ditch wearing a knee sleeve.

Leisure activities, sports like table tennis or bowling, and other sports that do not require many physical activities obviously don’t demand you to wear one.

However, if you want to ensure that your knees are well-protected, you can wear the gear even if the activity only requires minimal physical movements.

Wearing the gear in extreme sports, of course, is highly recommended.

Knee sleeves are helpful for you to perform safer movements and prevent the soreness you feel after a long period of training or playing.

New athletes will not appreciate the benefits the knee sleeves can give. This is simply because their knees are not that strong to put pressure like that of the well-trained athletes.

The knees of a new athlete do not need much support while the muscles of athletes who have undergone a couple of years in training have developed, making them feel more pain and weakness on their knees.

So if you are a new athlete, you can choose not wearing one until your muscles and mass have already improved.

However, while knee sleeves can help, nothing beats consistent training and proper technique.

Even if you are wearing sleeves as protection for your knees, if you don’t learn the proper techniques and the right movement your sport requires, there’s no guarantee that you will avoid accidents.

Long proper training and right knee sleeves can result in good strength and efficiency on the sport.

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Advantages of Wearing Knee Compression Sleeves

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from wearing knee compression sleeves. In this section, you will get some good ideas why it is best for you to have one.

Great for Extreme Sports

If you participate in sports activities that involve the use of knees, wearing knee sleeves could be your advantage, especially in preventing injuries. Some sports where you can see athletes wearing knee sleeves are:


Teams in football require physical interaction. For this reason, players are very prone to injuries.

Players give a huge amount of pressure on their knees as the sports involves tackling, pushing, performing lateral movements, and making directional changes.

According to a research, the most common injury that commonly occurs to football players is the pain on the lower limb. Thus, it is advisable to wear knee sleeves during training and competitions.


According to British Journal of Sports Medicine, a majority of runners get injured on their knees. They mostly suffer from knee pain, stiffness, and niggle on their knees while running.

To reduce the pain and to provide enough support to the athletes, wearing knee sleeves even for moderate exercises is a must.


Among other sports, basketball is the most prone to knee injuries. Knee injuries are common as the sport involves jumping, running, and twisting movements.

Basketball players are all familiar with leg and knee injuries. That is why most of the time, you will see them wearing one while playing.

Knee sleeves are necessary as they absorb great shock when a player lands on the floor after dunking or jumping.


Weightlifting involves squatting and of course, lifting. With the compression that they provide, knee sleeves are of help to limiting swelling and soreness.

Swelling increases friction that can lead to more swelling and irritation. By limiting the swelling through compression, wear and tear caused by heavy lifting could be reduced.

Prevent injuries

Wearing knee sleeves do not necessarily prevent you from future injuries. Accident or injury can happen at any time.

It is always best to give ample time for training and learn different types of techniques as it will make you more efficient as an athlete.

However, knee sleeves can reduce the severity of injury when your joints are placed under extreme pressure regularly.

Good for those well-trained athletes

Well-trained athletes are the ones who have undergone massive training for a long period of time.

Their weights and muscles are now greater in size and as their training sessions become frequent, they are now prone to developing injuries.

The knees will need all the support from the strains. Thus, knee sleeves are a must to protect them from injuries.

Can give warmth to your legs

Knee sleeves will get you covered when it’s the time of the year where the cold weather makes it difficult for you to move your knees.

The garment is mostly made from Neoprene, which primarily functions to give warmth on your joints and enhance your blood flow.

Knee sleeves can help keep your joints lubricated during the cold months.

Can be used for your leisurely activities

You can still use knee sleeves even when you are not playing or working out but only on the days when you have an existing injury that you don’t want to worsen or when you are feeling pain every time you move your knees.

However, wearing compression sleeves for no reason is not a good thing. If you feel like wearing one because it looks cool, you have to know that wearing it will not do you any good. It will weaken your joints instead.

Disadvantages of Wearing Knee Compression Sleeves

When there are pros, cons come next. Below are some disadvantages of wearing knee sleeves. However, they are not meant to discourage you. Rather, they are meant to advise you when wearing the sleeves are not necessary.

Not good for new athletes

If you are a new athlete, your coach most probably will not advise you to use knee sleeves for your work outs and training.

That is because he is training your legs to move efficiently without any support. It is much better to focus on your technique and make your legs strong first before you decide to wear one.

If you wear compression sleeves when you don’t need one, you are practicing your knee strength to become dependent on the sleeves.

You are clearly doing the other way of what your coach wants you to do – that is to train without any aid.

Using the gear continuously when it is not necessary can weaken your knees. If you want your knees to be physically and naturally strong, it is best to listen to your coach and make your training sessions a priority.

Not good as a replacement for learning proper sports technique

This is in relation to the previous one. Although the product can make you more efficient while doing your training or while you’re on the game, it does not mean that you need to skip proper training in which you are trained to do the proper techniques required in your sport.

Bear in mind that all well-known athletes underwent intense training before they became successful and famous.

Not a good replacement if you are under a recovery period

If you feel pain, your knees are swelling, or you are injured, you need to rest. Although knee sleeves will help the recovery process speed up, you should not only rely on the product alone.

You should not think that it is still okay to train or play because the sleeves are there to support you.

Knee sleeves can manage pain, but they are not the main solution. They are only a mere accessory to back you up but are not a cure for whatever injury you have in your knees.

Does not entirely help you for good positioning

Again, one thing that your coach wants in your training periods is to never depend on your knee sleeves.

It is always best to learn the proper techniques on your own. A good positioning of joints should not rely on knee sleeves.

If you experience pain, chances are you did not execute proper posture correctly. Talk to your coach with regard to when it is best to wear compression sleeves.

Types of Knee Compression Sleeves

Choosing the best knee compression sleeves is a daunting task. If you are to buy a knee sleeve on the market, it is not enough to say, “I am looking for a knee compression sleeve” or “I want to buy a knee sleeve.”

There are varieties of knee sleeves sold in the market, and you need to know the right one for your individual needs.

Knee Compression Sleeve for Pain and Injury

Knee pain and injuries after or during a physical activity are very common, and they can be remedied by a knee compression sleeve.

If you feel pain due to arthritis, exercise, or because of a long period of playing a sport, you will need a knee compression sleeve, particularly for pain and injury.

The compression brought by a knee sleeve can treat and relieve pain, whether it is a result of an injury or fatigue.

There are varieties of knee sleeves in the market for this. There are for women, men, children, athletes, and others.

Knee Compression Sleeve for Pre/Post Knee Surgery

If you have to undergo or already went through a surgical procedure for your knee, it is most likely that your physician will advise you to wear compression sleeves.

Wearing one before or after the surgery will minimize the pain and reduce knee swelling.

For athletes, to get back on track and to remain active after a surgery will be critical for them. However, since this particular compression sleeve helps reduce swelling, muscle strength will regain easily.

After a knee surgery, the joints tend to become vulnerable and weak, and it is the job of the compression sleeve to protect the knee from future injury.

You need to choose a sleeve that has a perfect fit as the more it is suitable to your size, the better relief and healing you will feel.

Knee Compression Sleeve for Running

Knee pain and injuries known as runner’s knee is also common in runners. Runner’s knee is not a name for a specific type of injury but a generic term to define knee pain and injury felt by running or any physical activity that requires continuous bending of the knee.

Thankfully, this type of pain and injury is easier to cure compared to other injuries. It can be cured by allowing your knee to rest and by putting some ice on it.

If you want to run again despite having a runner’s knee, this is the time you will need a knee compression sleeve for running.

The sleeve will give your knees an extra support you need, and at the same time, will help reduce the pain while you run.

Knee Compression Sleeve for Plus Size

Obese and overweight individuals are the ones who are vulnerable to pain and injuries.

The reason behind this is that 5 pounds in a person’s total body weight yield force and impact onto the knee. 

Thus, if you are a plus size person, you feel the pain because there are lots of pressure on your knee joints.  

Having those extra pounds will not only cause pain but can also trigger arthritis which can get worse over time.

Aside from exercise and proper diet, wearing a plus-size compression sleeve for the knee is a great way to reduce the pain and injury associated with being obese or overweight.

The sleeves can take the pressure and can relieve the pain for both large men and women.

Plus size knee sleeves have also proven to be effective to increase the capacity of the knee joints, which is a good thing as it will make an obese and overweight person become more active.

Whether you are size l, xl, or xxl, you can easily find your size in the market.

Knee Compression Sleeves for Sports and Exercise

Sports and exercises mostly involve a lot of bending, running, jumping, and moving from side to side.

Because of this, active individuals tend to suffer from pain and injuries. Thus, compression sleeves are the ultimate accessory. 

The sleeves are a huge help for stabilizing pain, and they offer some protection on the knees that is perfect to reduce the risk of knee damages and injuries.

If you are an athlete or simply someone who often works out, get yourself a knee compression sleeve for sports and exercise.

Wear it every time you have to do any physical activities as it will help protect your knee. Choose a smaller size from your exact size for good blood circulation.

Basic Features You Should Look for in the Best Knee Compression Sleeves

You will be using your knee sleeves for a long period of time, and it is not practical to buy one that will not last long.

For you to ensure that the product you’re buying is a good investment, consider the following:

Level of support

If you know that you are prone to inflammation after doing some physical activities, then you will need more support.

Look for a knee compression sleeve that is long enough to cover your whole knee in order for your patella and ligaments to be protected.

The important thing to consider in here is to ensure that the sleeve gives a snug compression so that it can add pain relief and reduce inflammation.


Size is the most important feature that you should consider when buying a knee sleeve.

It is important that the gear fits you to have the best compression benefits. The sleeves can be sized small, medium, large, and so on.

Make sure that the product that you are going to buy suits your size perfectly. For you to be sure, measure your knee and calf before buying one.

Easy to clean

This is one important feature, yet it is the least thing everyone considers in buying compression knee sleeves. Your sleeves are going to be soaked with sweat after hours of working out or playing.

They will smell stinky if you don’t wash them right away.

Get some washable knee sleeves so that you can just toss them in a gentle cycle. Let them dry so that you can wear them the next day.


Knee sleeves are tight the first time you wear them. However, they will wear out after several uses. When your sleeve expands, the compression level it gives also reduces.

For this reason, you need to look for a high-quality knee sleeve to ensure its durability. Look for knee sleeves that are consistent and will not change size over time.

9 Best Knee Compression Sleeves

Now that you have enough information about knee compression sleeves, it will be easier for you to decide to use the gear.

However, the only problem now is to choose the best one with a lot of products sold in the market. To give you some ideas, read on.

Best Overall Knee Compression Sleeve 

As said, compression sleeves come in different types. However, out of all different types, there is one that we consider as the best.

Ultra Flex Athletics Single Wrap Knee Compression Sleeve

This is the best-selling sleeve on the market, and it is easy to tell why. Knee sleeves of this kind have an anti-slip silicone that gives strong protection and guards the knee very well.

They are also equipped with 4D technology to keep your knee protected and free.

This sleeve can give knee support especially if you have injuries such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, or meniscus tears.

If you have undergone knee surgery, this gear is also advisable to wear on a daily basis to help you on your recovery.

The compression that this compression sleeve provides is very ideal to reduce inflammation.

This will also ease pain and swelling and help you improve your muscular endurance. 

What’s more is that this garment creates a snug yet perfect and comfortable fit. The sleeves have double silicon for an anti-slip wave to give you the best fit.


  • check
    Gives a good amount of comfort
  • check
    Prevents further injuries and help you have a faster recovery
  • check
    Reduces inflammation
  • check
    Has comfortable fit
  • check


  • Stitches may come out without proper care

Our Rating

Best Knee Compression Sleeve for Football 

There are also compression sleeves that have been specially designed for use in specific sports. Below are some compression sleeves that are best for football use.

1. McDavid Compression Knee Sleeve

One of the famous knee compression sleeve brands is Mcdavid. This product has good features including the amplified sleeve that goes into the upper thigh up to the calf.

One of its main features is that it provides additional knee cap support which is best for extreme sports. 

This compression sleeve gives extraordinary support and compression which is very ideal for ball games like football.

This sleeve from McDavid is made of 62% nylon and 38% spandex for soft and stretchy wear. It is very comfortable to wear with its lightweight that is ideal for your physical activities.

Plus, it provides support to reduce pain, soreness, and swelling due to arthritis and tendonitis.

Moreover, if you have neoprene allergies, you will suffer extreme itchiness to your skin that can last for hours.

This does not trigger an allergic reaction, so it is a good alternative if you want to get compression sleeves but don’t want to get allergies.

  • check
    Has a strong compression and fit
  • check
    Gives extraordinary knee support
  • check
    ​Very ideal if you have neoprene allergies
  • It’s not of standard size.

Our Rating

2. CopperJoint Copper Knee Compression Sleeve

This knee sleeve has one of the best designs. A lot of sleeves tend to slip off during an exercise, but the anti-slip bands that are placed on the top and bottom of this gear prevent it from slipping.

This makes this knee sleeve perfect for football players since the sport requires a lot of movements.

The copper-infused nylon found in this product makes it odor-free and helps wick away the moist you get from wearing it.

It is durable, flexible, and washable. Plus, it is equipped with bands that allow it to stay where it is at all times.

The advanced compression that this compression sleeve provides maintain your knees in place.

It is best for reducing the risk of injuries that usually happens in extreme sport and as well as aid a faster recovery process from your previous injury.

Furthermore, the stabilization this product gives do a great job to keep your knees and your entire legs dry. This can also prevent skin irritation and chafing which are usually felt while wearing a sleeve.

  • check
    Doesn’t easily slip off
  • check
  • check
    Durable with good quality
  • check
    Effectively provides support to your knees
  • check
    ​Provides thermal stabilization
  • May start thinning after several uses

Our Rating

Best Knee Compression Sleeve for Running 

If running is part of your daily or weekly routine, you should definitely get knee compression sleeves for running. Here are some great sleeves for running that you can find in the market.

Mava Sports Knee Compression Sleeve

This gear provides support for swelling and sore knees. It is advisable for pain management as it offers robust support for all athletes, especially for runners.

If you have knee sprain or strain, this product helps you with your recovery process. It can also reduce inflammation and enhance mobility.

In addition, this product is a good investment as it can be used for all genders. You can save a lot of money when you buy this knee sleeve as you don’t need to buy separate gears for the whole family.

It is also good for everyday use as it prevents itching and sweating.  There’s no hassle in adjusting the sleeve as it does not slip.

  • check
    Good for pain management
  • check
  • check
    ​Doesn’t easily slip off
  • May lose after several uses

Our Rating

 OS1st KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve

A good knee sleeve for runners is the one that supports the patella, and you can never wrong with this product as it is designed to support it.

Runners mostly get injured because of knee pain, patella-tendon, and runners-knee, but this one helps you recover from the injury.

A runner can get great support in his foreleg, patella, and knee joints. The sleeve stays in place and does not move even if used for a long period of running.

Moreover, this product’s compression zone-tech provides great stabilizing to fully support the patella. It enhances the blood circulation and makes a good brace for injury as well.

  • check
    Supports the patella and other parts of the knee
  • check
    Embraces the knee fully
  • check
    ​Specially designed for runners
  • The elastic band may not feel comfortable

Our Rating

Best Knee Compression Sleeve for Meniscus Tear

Meniscus tear is among the most common knee injuries. That’s why there are compression sleeves that are specially designed for this kind of injury.

Here are some of the best knee compression sleeves for meniscus tear:

365Warrior Compression Knee Sleeve

This garment is made of a 4-way knitted, stretchable material that offers adequate compression. It is designed to prevent constriction and enhance blood circulation.

This is perfect for sports that involve a lot of movements as it has a contoured design to prevent from slipping.

Although it’s quite expensive, this knee sleeve is highly recommended by doctors after a surgery.

It’s not only good for faster rehabilitation, but it’s also perfect for those who have arthritis, patella dislocation, and sprains.

Additionally, this sleeve has an advanced 3D knit fabric technology that can relieve pain, prevent constriction, and improve blood circulation.

It has anti-slip material to prevent the gear from bunching. It also has spiral stay on both sides to retain its shape and maintain that perfect fit.

  • check
    Good for post-surgery
  • check
    ​Equipped with good technology
  • Expensive

Our Rating

Fire Team Fit Knee Sleeve Compression Support

This knee sleeve is a perfect option for those who undergo constant training or those who often play sports. It is made of neoprene that is very breathable and lightweight.

Since it incorporates great stabilization, this type of sleeve is commonly used in physical activities that involve the use of knees such as weightlifting, lunges, squats, dead lifts, and others.

This product is particularly designed to support the knee for work out and exercise.

The compression it gives promotes good fluid movement unto your legs. Furthermore, the neoprene gives a good amount of compression to the knees.

Because it is lightweight and gives a warmth feeling, this gear is the top choice among bodybuilders.

  • check
  • check
  • check
    Ideal for work out and exercise
  • check
    ​Neoprene materials promote warmth
  • Users may get sweaty while using this sleeve

Our Rating

Best Knee Compression Sleeve for Swelling 

If you have injuries, and the affected parts start to swell, using compression sleeves can give you relief from the swell.

However, you should use specific kinds of compression sleeves that are specially designed for swelling. Here are some that you can choose in the market:

1. Vive Knee Sleeves

This particular sleeve is manufactured to give peak performance through alleviating knee pain and reducing swelling felt by individuals.

It does not only reduce fatigue, but it also helps you recover from a past injury soon enough.

This product is very protective as it supports the surrounding muscles around the knee area while helping to improve the stability of the knee.

It is designed to protect the whole legs from both minor and major problems like blisters, abrasions, and chaffing.

In addition, the compression that this knee sleeve gives alleviates knee soreness, cramping, and swelling. The leg muscles become warm and active that is good for blood circulation.

  • check
    Relieves knee pain and reduces swelling
  • check
    ​Improves blood flow
  • Not of standard size

Our Rating

2. Simple Health Knee Support Sleeve

Swelling is one of the symptoms of a certain knee condition, and this particular knee sleeve brand is often recommended by most physicians.

Latest models of this brand have 3-strap designs to give users extra leg support and reduce knee pain.

The anti-slip design of this sleeve solves the typical problem faced by most knee sleeve user which is constantly pulling up the sleeve while performing physical activities.

It is designed to maintain the sleeves in place so users can stay focused on their physical activities.

The combination of magnetic therapy and compression in this product offers to relieve you from pain. Magnets are placed right into the strap to reduce a user’s pain and swelling.

  • check
    Recommended by physicians
  • check
    Gives extra leg support and reduces knee pain and swelling
  • check
    Doesn’t easily slip off with its anti-slip design
  • check
    ​Has magnetic therapy for alleviating pain
  • Not of standard size

Our Rating


When choosing the best knee compression sleeves, it is important to know that sleeves should give compression and heat to ensure that you can move without hassle and limit.

Whether you choose from this list of 9 best knee compression sleeves or not, make sure that you will be able to get something that fits for you well enough so that you can stay focused and feel comfortable while you’re on the move.