Learn these Quarterback drills for accuracy

A quarterback without a high level of skills and knowledge of the fundamentals of play will not be able to lead the offensive team properly.

Even veteran players still continually improve their training scheme to hone their skills.

Learning different quarterback drills for accuracy is a basic exercise.

Quarterback and His Position in the Team

The quarterback’s main job is to direct the team towards the end zone and get as much score as they can.

His initial position is directly behind the center player who is receiving the ball. He can touch the ball in just about every offensive play. 

Since one-third of points in a typical gameplay is scored by offensive positions, the quarterback holds an enormous responsibility.

Though the coach will ultimately decide what kind of play the offense will have to use, the quarterback should be prepared to quickly change the play in accordance with how the game is going.

This requires improvisation and initiative.

Characteristics Quarterbacks Need to Have

Since the quarterback not only takes the offensive but also the tactical role, he needs to be able to develop physical and mental traits.

  • Leadership: Football is a team sport, and a team always requires a leader. When the quarterback doesn’t have influence over his teammates, their play can easily collapse.
  • Initiative: The game can change right up to the last moment. It is the quarterback’s job to quickly interpret the defensive team’s play, signal to his teammates, and apply unplanned or pre-planned strategies.
  • Arm strength: When throwing the ball, quarterbacks should be able to consider velocity and make a complete pass before a defensive play recovers and deflects it. With more arm strength, he should be able to throw the ball at high speeds.
  • Mobility: A quarterback should be able to move as quickly as he creates a new play. After, he must avoid being tackled by any defensive player.
  • Insight: One should be able to quickly scan the field prior to snapping the ball. The defense must be surveyed, and alignments must be checked. A quarterback must always assess the current play in order to create the next moves.
  • Mental strength:  There is a lot of pressure in playing as a quarterback. However, he needs to be calm in order to create the wisest decisions during the game. When a quarterback mentally collapses, the rest of the team will.
  • Size: Quarterbacks have an average height of 6’5”. After all, they should be tall enough to see over the linemen and look over the field. Since they will be in a lot of physical contacts, being buff is an advantage.

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Quarterback Accuracy and What It Means

Initiative, arm strength, mobility, and insight—all these are necessary to developing accuracy.

Essentially, accuracy means being able to put the ball in the right spot using the right touch.

Though arm strength alone can contribute a lot to a quarterback’s success, not everyone can depend on it.

For instance, Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks of all time, has a questionable arm strength.

However, he had great accuracy. What he lacks in arm strength, he makes up for his mobility and insight.   

As the game of football evolves, quarterbacks start training and perfecting their accuracy at a young age. That said, there are different drills that you can try.

Accuracy Training

If improving your accuracy is what you aim for, you need to consistently train. Along with accuracy, you should develop good fundamentals and stamina.

Here are common quarterback drills for accuracy:

Toes on the Line

This drill is created for beginner quarterbacks. You can practice this with your friends. Align yourselves 10 yards apart. Stand on the line.

Make sure that you are still with your toes on the line.

Try delivering the ball without stepping into the throw. Snap your hips and focus your ball’s placement.

Circle Drill

Run in circles around the receiver. Keep 10 yards away from him and concentrate on leading him.

Throw off balance and turn your shoulders towards your target.

 Routes on Air

In this drill, quarterbacks and receivers both execute pass plays. There are no offensive or defenders present though.

Let the receivers run in their route at their full speed. You, as a quarterback, can use this to improve your time with wideouts.

Routes on air drill develop your accuracy and team chemistry at the same time.

3-Step Drop

Place three receivers in three different spots in the field. Get the snap from the center and take a 3-step drop.

Release the ball when you’re at your third step. It is essential that you’ve built your own rhythm.

Throw the receiver to the left and retrieve the ball again. Repeat the same steps to throw the ball to the middle and the right receiver.

5-Step Drop

You need three receivers positioned in three spots in the field. Make sure that they are 10 to 12 yards away from each other.

Base their position according to your style of offense.

Gather the snap and take a 5-stop drop. Release the ball when you’re at your fifth step so you can build your rhythm.

Throw the ball the receiver to the left. Retrieve the ball while the other quarterback is in the scrimmage line.

Then, throw the ball in the middle and then to the right receiver.

7 on 7

Play with five receivers and a center. Compete against seven defenders.

There should be no rush pass bearing the team down, so you have time to focus on your throws.


Doing quarterback drills for accuracy is just one step towards becoming a successful football player.

In order to lead your team and win, you need to develop other characteristics as well.

These characteristics include initiative, arm strength, mobility, insight, mental strength, and more.

If you’re determined to hone your skills, you need to train hard. Be consistent with your training program.

Discipline is a necessary trait for successful athletes. Since football is a team sport, training with others, preferably with your teammates, is highly advisable.

Check out this cool video by Nathan Phillips on QB drills: