Speed and Quickness Drills for Football

Speed and quickness are two of the most important skills in football.

If you play the sport from time to time, it’s important for you to develop speed and quickness to do more and better in football. 

In this article, you will learn the speed and quickness drills for football.

The Importance of Speed and Quickness in Football

These two skills, speed and quickness, are not only essential in football. They are also very important in all other sports.

In this section, let’s talk about just how important these two athletic skills are in the field of sports.


Speed refers to how fast you move your arms and legs in such a way that lets you move your fastest in a straight line.

This definition is commonly referred to as the liner speed.

If you often notice yourself having difficulty in keeping up with the speed of your teammates or competitors in football, you might want to consider enhancing your speed with speed drills.


While speed relies on the action of your arms and legs, quickness refers to the reflexive reactions of your body.

This skill measures your rapid responses. Unlike speed, quickness is more difficult to achieve.

In fact, drills to improve quickness typically only last for several seconds.

If you find yourself getting trouble with lack of explosiveness in your first steps, chances are you might need improvement in your quickness.

To enhance this ability, you will need to do some quickness drills to improve your reaction time.

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Warm-Up Routines Before Speed and Quickness Drills for Football

It is extremely important for athletes to make sure that they perform a proper warm-up routine before doing any strenuous, high-impact activities.

Speed and quickness drills are especially vigorous types of exercises. As such, an athlete must do more than just mere static stretching.

One must do a dynamic football stretching routine.

Here are some types of warm-up drills you might want to try before you perform your speed and quickness drills:

Slide Stretch

The slide stretch warm-up may be used to warm up a player’s hips, groin, hamstring, and glutes.

Overtime, this routine can help a player develop and maintain an erect chest throughout every football game.

Most football players have a problem with poor posture such as slumping forward, decreasing the stretch to the lower body.

Slide stretching can help solve such problem.

Lunge and Reverse Reach

This exercise helps increase blood flow. Lunge and reverse reach includes multi-joint movements, and multi-joint movements require oxygen throughout the body.

Lunge and reverse reach warm-up exercise is done by incorporating a lunge and reaching different parts of the body with the help of your torso.

This exercise can develop your body control with your strength.

To complete this warm-up exercise, lunge forward. Your back knee should be near the ground but not as near as touching.

As your lunge goes in full extension, drop your chest back and try to reach above your head.

By doing this, you will increase your muscle activation to the core, helping you improve your balance.

Swinging Quad Stretch

This kind of stretching is different from the normal quad stretch.

Swinging quad stretch includes a leg swing to your usual quad stretch, challenging your body’s balance on your one leg while, at the same time, improving your quad and hip flexibility.

To do the swinging quad stretch, begin with kicking one of your legs forward.

After kicking it forward, deliver your leg at the back and let it stay there folded with the hold of your hand.

After a few counts, let your hands go of your leg and do the same with your other leg. Repeat this process if necessary.

Knee Hugs

Knee hug exercises are great for stretching your hips and glutes in preparation for your football games.

To successfully complete a knee hug exercise, simply wrap your arms around your knee.

While doing this, you must be able to rock up tightly on the ball of your foot as you pull your knee to your chest.

This is essential to successfully be able to enhance your body’s ability to pull your knee to your chest. After a few counts, do the same thing to your other knee.


Caterpillar exercises are a great warm-up routine to prepare your hamstrings for your football games.

Begin this exercise by locking your legs together and keeping your hands on the floor.

After doing so, work your hands out so you are in a push-up position. Then, shuffle your feet back towards your hands while, at the same time, maintaining your legs straight in place.

The goal is to crawl your way back to your hands without bending your knees.

Speed and Quickness Drills for Football

Now that you know some of the ideal warm-up exercises before performing drills to enhance your speed and quickness, it’s time to learn the real thing.

Read on to know the speed and quickness drills for football.

Fast Feet Drill

This kind of speed and quickness drill focuses on training your feet on how to move in tight areas quickly.

If performed correctly, this drill can improve your footwork, balance and acceleration.

How it’s done:

  • Set up one single cone at the beginning of your drill. Then, set up a pair of cones positioned side by side five yards in front of your first cone at the beginning. Five yards in front of your second set of cones, set up a pair of cones which will serve as your finish line.
  • Start the drill by circling around the first cone that you set up. Then, proceed to the next cones in front of you. Move your feet as fast as you can while, at the same, time keeping your shoulders square.

Speed Ladder Drill

This drill will not only help you develop a faster pair of feet. It will also help you master the ability to turn and run quickly.

How it’s done:

  • In an open area and on a plain ground, lay down a speed ladder. Ten yards in front of the ladder, set up a pair of cones to make a finish line.
  • Start the drill at the beginning of the ladder. Simply move through the ladder, following the same pattern – 2 feet in and 2 feet out. After completing every rung of the ladder, turn around and accelerate through the finish line.

Left to Right Jumps

Unlike the previous drills, this one could be more strenuous for you as it involves jumping.

Nevertheless, this drill can enhance your leg’s explosiveness and your body’s balance.

How it’s done:

Set up nine mini hurdles, following an S-like pattern but with more curves. Each curve must create a 90-degrees angle.

Begin at the first mini hurdle. Start hopping over the first hurdle with one leg. Then, quickly hop over the next hurdle to your right, using the same leg.

Hop back again over the same hurdle to get back in the S-like pattern, and then quickly hop over the hurdle in front of you.

Follow this pattern until you finish the last mini hurdle. Repeat the sequence with your opposite leg. 


Whichever type of speed and quickness drills for football that you perform, make sure you do warm-up exercises before and cool-down exercises after your strenuous activity. Also, always make sure to wear the right training outfit and gear.

Check out this video on some really good speed and agility drills: